ALM Sports Group is one of the largest sport distribution companies in America. With a very vast and heavily populated network, ALM Sports Group serves over 200 countries day in and day out. Founded in 2006, ALM Sports Group is proud to distribute many brands through both retail and wholesale channels in the U.S.A. Since the inception of our company, we have always focused on Tennis. More Recently, ALM Sports Group has begun research and development of products in other racquet sports such as Badminton and Squash.

ALM Sports Group consists of several branches. Our online shop, The Tennis Depot, is where all retail sales are processed. We are also proud to manufacture Genesis products. Founded in 2009, Genesis is setting its eyes on shaking up the tennis industry with game improving products that offer peak performance and are of great value. We are also the U.S.A. distributor for Poly Star and Pro Supex. Poly Star, known as the original poly makers, is truly a wonderful company that undoubtedly produces some of the games best tennis strings. Pro Supex, a mainstream brand, aims at offering high quality products at a great value. In the second half of 2011, ALM Sports Group signed up to become the exclusive distirbutor for Still In Black, a French company making high quality polyester strings.